How We Help

Our team develops landing pages and/or mobile apps that are cost effective and easy to manage. If you're an allergy-related brand looking for an e-commerce landing page or interested in accessing some of our team's emergency software, we'd be happy to connect!

Digital Services

We offer a number of digital-based solutions, including:

  • E-Commerce Landing Pages within the Allergy Store

  • Building apps for allergy-related businesses that incorporate our patent-pending emergency software


Our solutions are well-suited for startups, affiliate marketing, lead generation, blogging sites, learning platforms, e-commence, conferences & events, and more!

We're a Startup, Too

We understand the startup/small business mindset because we're living it. We started with a mission to help people with food allergies but faced the issue of not having a "tech" person or funding to work with one. We broke the cycle by learning to effectively develop our own mobile app & website that took us from "just an idea" to a real, growing company. 

This gave us the momentum to earn grants and begin to attract potential investment. Our founder, Joey DiGangi, has even been featured in different entrepreneurial/business publications.

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