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Studying Abroad with Food Allergies can be Intimidating, but Do-Able!

Our Team has compiled tips, resources, & even built a mobile app to make studying abroad a safer and eye-opening experience!


1. Research the Destination

One of the most helpful things to do before studying abroad is to ask others who have "been there, done that!" One of the most supportive travel-related groups is Allergy Travels.


The ~4,000-member-strong group is packed with families and students who've traveled the world and are willing to offer advice.

You'll want to understand the country's food culture, understanding of food allergies, and healthcare.

More Resources

You can learn about our Team's personal travel experiences to countries like Taiwan and Thailand, or view additional advice from


Download the AssureTech Mobile App

This app was inspired after a life-threatening reaction abroad.

Use this tool to:

  1. Translate 130+ Allergens

  2. Ask for Help During an Emergency

  3. Locate the Nearest Hospital(s)

  4. Call Transportation

You can also bring translation cards with you. You can find free, printable versions on this site, or order custom, printed cards in the Allergy Store

Allergy Translation Cards


3. Find the Right Program to Meet Your Education Needs

We were happy to have connected with team at, whose mission is to "change lives through meaningful travel, one destination and one experience at a time."

On their site, you'll be able to research different study abroad programs, and even get connected with different scholarship opportunities.

4. Remember to Pack the Essentials

Depending on your destination, you'll be able to find most necessities should you forget to include something in your luggage. That's why the top of every traveler's list--especially those with food allergies--should be the things you can't easily replace. 

Must-Bring Items

Once you're packed, unlock a special discount for translation cards!


1) Auto-Injectors - not just 1, at least 2!

2) Pass Port - essential whether or not you have a food allergy!

3) Food for the Flight - it may be difficult to find safe-to-eat food on the flight or in the airport, so it's a good idea to bring your own!


This code gets you 40% off a set of printed allergy translation cards! 

4) Translations - the flight crew may not speak your language, so it's best to prepare translations ahead of time!